10 Amazing Books: Every University Student Must Read in 2020

Books are the best friend in any situation. You can either choose fiction or non-fiction according to your taste. These not only help you to know diversified knowledge but also can trip all over the world through its content. Similarly, you can also learn about different ideologies and the challenges of different classes. Same as with the help of suspense content, you can have a psychological thrill in your life while you can also boost your confidence while reading self-motivated stuff. On the other hand, you can even know about the influencing personalities of the past and present to get success while following them. Furthermore, if you are interested to know more about the space, you can enjoy coffee with cognitive books. So if you are seeking the best books list to have pleasure, keep reading this article!

1. The Defining Decade

This book defines all twenty-something. It shows why your twenties should matter and how you can make it more useful. This book is based on extensive research. Meg Jay is the writer of this piece. This book is suitable for young adults or college students as well.  It is one of the bestselling books among young people. This book is highly liked due to its worth taking work and search. The writer has not only to highlight the essential statistics but also paid attention to small details.

2. The Quarter-Life Breakthrough

This answers the question of every adult, what to do with my life. This book not only encourages youngsters to seek their path and explore their potential but also support them. This book is renowned for assisting youth in finding meaningful work to get success in their life. Moreover, The author paid attention to build a productive nation through inculcating positivity and enthusiasm in them. The writer’s name is Adam Smiley Poswolsky.

3. The Goldfinch

This is the best time selling books ever. Donna Tartt (The writer) explains how people have to survive while going through with difficulties after losing their beloved. He describes the pain of a child, who has lost his mother means the whole world. He had to take the challenges of life, which divert him from an innocent boy to a young man. He explains how present situations can change the complete picture of the future. This boo0k is perfect for the student to learn the surviving dimensions. This is full of fear, love, hope, pain, anxiety, and tragedy.

4. How to Become a Straight-A Student

This book is something like a treasure for students. This book is full of useful tips and practical strategies to assist students. It shows how a student can score high marks and secure his future. On the other hand, it helps a student through fewer efforts. They can impress their teachers while choosing the right essay topics and have fun as well while saving time. This book describes the way to study smartly not hardly. Moreover, it assists through diversified informative and useful study guidelines. Dissertation Writing Online Help also supports a student to improvise his ranks.

5. Atomic Habits

Even the title is much attractive. This book consists of many tips and tricks to increase your grades and boost your confidence. For instance, this book shows the authentic and proven ways to build good habits to get success. On the other hand, it also describes how you can cope with your bad habits to minimize the chances of failure in the future. James Clear (The writer) has made way for every student to uplift their current academic status.

6. Talking to Strangers

This is something crucial in our life. We all must know that how we should speak to others to influence. Same as we must understand why this person is talking in a particular way. This not only helps to understand the intention of another person but also we can take move accordingly. Malcolm Gladwell assists students regarding g their safety and comfort. Because student are newbie in university, they must know how to protect their self from bad people. Moreover, it helps students to improvise their communication skills.

7. ten steps to Earning Awesome Grades

Thomas Frank (the writer) exhibits effective strategies and tips to get high marks with less effort. It is the most popular book among students. Because it tells the study secrets to them that how they can impress their teacher and get remarkable success with less effort.

8. How to win at college

This is the collection of surprising secrets of students. The writer told about the secrets of the country’s top student t provide ease to new students in college. Every student must read this crux to get a better understanding and deciding their path. This book tells the story of dropping the college classes, pulling all-nighters, and combine study before exams. This book is highly recommended because it consists of practical tips and tricks.

9. The Master and Margarita

Mikhail Bulgakov writes this book during Stalin time in power. This is full of comedy. This content shows the allusion mocking of the Soviet Union. This is highly liked by Russian culture and well known as one of the bestselling of the 20th centuries.

10. Unfu*k Yourself

This book encourages every individual to stop doubting on his self and underestimate his potential. This book increases your motivation level, and you can get rid of the negative thoughts as well. This publishes highly like by entrepreneur society. They love to read to uplift their motivational level and to boost confidence. Moreover, it assists in expanding the boundaries to embrace new opportunities for life.


Books are the main source to get knowledge and learn different skills. You cannot only have a peaceful journey while reading but also can get solutions to your problems. On the other hand, you can also increase your confidence and learn useful strategies through the work of a writer. Similarly, you can decide your future by reading others’ experiences as well. Furthermore, books help to improvise cognition, grades, and skill set.

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